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What is Citymatter // JSK Video

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Francine Bennett: “What’s the Big Deal About City Data?”

This is a repost from Strata + Hadoop World Europe 2014 in Barcelona.

Francine Bennett presents a comprehensive overview of how data might fit into the future of our cities, in everything from designing and constructing energy efficient buildings, to the issue of ownership of a city.

But it’s not all “data, data, rah, rah”:

“But collecting lots […]

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Local News Series, Part 1: Lou Hansen’s Recurring Conversation.

This post is part of a series examining the links between local media and how people relate to their cities. We explore how local media affects a range of things: from how people engage with local and state government, to their sense of community and belonging. The flow of information enables relationships to form between people […]

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Local news and the future of your city

It’s no secret that media, and in particular the newspaper business is going through some major changes. Every outlet, from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, to local papers and even alt weeklies have scrambled to find means for lasting survival. And the reports show clear trends, most of which read […]

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What do we want from city life?

If you read our previous post (and if not, feel free to check it out here) you might be wondering about our process. If we’re just citizens, are we simply running this based on our own wants and needs?

To be perfectly honest, yes and no.

Yes, the idea is rooted in our own experience. All […]

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Start here

There’s something special about the first post in a blog. It’s like it smells of fresh linen, sunshine and possibility. Hi everybody! Please say hello back!

In Silicon Valley – that changing cumulus of towns between two saint-named cities with airports – founder lore is a big deal. Mostly, it consists stories of disruptors and […]

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